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Fitday is a leader in compound design and development.
Formulating and Compounds

We are specialists in custom formulating performance compounds.

The standard compounds you will find in all of our products are performance rated and fit for use in applications for which they were designed.

We offer over 100 specialized compounds. Our selection for your products is based on many years of experience in the lab and in actual wear testing. Please contact us for more information.

NEOLITEPerhaps the most famous name in outsoles, with over 100 proven years of service in the trade.
ULTRAWORKWork is our business. Proven Goodyear technology intended for work and industrial application.
UGOFormulated for Maximum traction on floors where grease and water are slip hazards.
CHOICEHigh abrasion resistance. Recommenced for many outdoor, industrial and athletic application.
OPHigh oil resistance with maximum abrasion resistance. For premium shoe and boot applications.
FIRE FIGHTERFor high temperature applications with self-extinguishing characteristics. Developed with NFPA standards.
C-FLEXSuited where durability, traction and minimum oil swell are required. High Slip Resistance.
GOLDRecommended for high drag athletic and industrial applications. Excellent abrasion resistance.
MAXExcellent performance in athletic, outdoor and industrial applications. Recognized leader in abrasion resistance.
PLUSRecommended for outdoor and industrial products requiring performance and high abrasion resistance.
C-60Superior oil and chemical resistance. For casual, industrial and outdoor application.
GT2Lightweight cellular rubber for performance casual application.
FLEXISOFTLong standing comfort and resistance to compression set. Maximum weight reduction and comfort under foot.
T60-SOFTWell suited for casual, dress and outdoor applications where comfort and cushioning are important.