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The Goodyear brand stands for performance.
Add one of the world's most recognizable names to your shoes.
Goodyear inspired technology

If it's Goodyear equipped, then its performance driven. That's true for shoes as well as cars and trucks. Add power to your brand by joining with the Goodyear brand showing your customers you believe in the highest technology and quality. Have the benefit of major international advertising done by The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company identifying the Goodyear brand throughout the world as a technology leader.

Goodyear. Performance driven shoe products.

Goodyear's role as a major player in the shoe industry is as long as its better known role as America's most trusted tire company. Charles Goodyear vulcanized rubber for the first time while making shoes for his daughter in his kitchen. That was over 100 years ago. Today Goodyear is a recognized world leader in rubber technology and innovation. They lead the way in proven performance rubber products. Goodyear products have been leaders in the transportation, space, aircraft as well as the lesser known industrial products that are directly related to its expertise in shoe products. Originally made in Goodyear's own manufacturing facilities, shoe products are now licensed to specialists in footwear technology who understand the demanding needs of specific footwear market segments.

Our responsibility to the brand and our customers.

As a key licensee, Fitday is committed to bring you the best technology and performance as well as offering linkage to one of the world's most recognizable brands. Why Goodyear? American heritage, tradition, innovation, performance- that's Goodyear. The value added support from Goodyear will cost less than the increase in recognition of performance by adding Goodyear to your branding. From small programs to larger coops involving new tire tread designs, work with us to make your marketing program a bigger success though the best bottoming technology available.